Abundant Solar Power: Our Projects

Abundant builds solar arrays in the best possible locations to maximize system size and output. Interested customers subscribed to a portion of the systems output based on their annual consumption. Customer signs a Power Purchase Agreement with Abundant that establishes lower rates for electricity than they are currently charged. Once operational, the energy from our array is distributed through the existing power grid. Subscribers receive a credit on their bill that reduces their energy cost by the amount of energy they subscribed to the Abundant solar arrays power generation.

Our Community Solar projects provides you:


Energy Bill Cost Savings
Protection against rising electricity prices
No panels on your roof
No change in grid reliability
Clean energy in your community


We are excited to announce Abundant has partnered with Ampion and Solar Simplified to bring community solar subscriptions to residents and businesses in NYISO Zones B and C! Through community solar, whole communities can receive the environmental benefits and financial savings of solar while bypassing the obstacles of a conventional rooftop installation. Right now Abundant is offering residents and businesses in these zones the opportunity to become community solar subscribers. As a subscriber, you will receive  “solar credits” on your utility bill that offset the final balance. Even better, Abundant offers these credits at a ten percent discount from their value, generating savings on subscribers annual utility costs.

If you live in the Greater Rochester Area sign up today with Ampion. There are a few vacancies for subscribers at all 4 sites in NYISO Zone B.

Our newest community solar array is located in NYISO Zone C.  Subscriptions are filling up quickly so sign up for Troupsburg today!

Sign up now and join the energy revolution while subscriptions are still available!


Please see some of our solar farms, below.

644 Route 31, Macedon, New York

Project Size: 2.6 MW DC

4794 State Route 104, Williamson, New York

Project Size: 2.6 MW DC

Whittier Road, Ogden, New York

Project Size: 2.6 MW DC

Bennett Road, East Bloomfield, New York

Project Size: 1.96 MW DC

Troupbsburg, New York

Project Size: 7 MW DC

Sign up for Troupsburg today!